Around the Virtual World: Backpacking in Sydney!

As one of my all-time favorite places in SL, I decided to head Down Under for a weekend vacation with my friend, Astoria. Armed with my camera, comfy shoes and lots of beachwear, I landed in Sydney.

Syd Aerial M

Aerial view of Sydney city

The sim is simply stunning with Sydney’s most iconic landmarks re-created in SL.

MExlorer pose3

Explorer-mode: On



The world-famous Sydney Opera House, replicated in SL.

Did I mention I carried lots of swimwear? Because no trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to Bondi beach! The waves were huge and perfect for surfing!…….


….and safe too!…… ūüėÄ


This is what happens when you mess with the beachgoers at Bondi!

If you’re hungry after all that surfing, be sure to visit one of the many cozy cafes around the sim. The Bennelong Cafe is one of the fancier ones with fine dining and live music.


(I was only lip-syncing here. My singing talent is best left hidden).


Sipping tea at a cozy Japanese cafe by the Sydney harbor.


…and the customary jumping pose to end my trip on a high!


This sim is an absolute must-visit for a experience of Aussie culture in SL. The locals are really friendly too.¬† Here’s your air ticket to the Land Down Under! Teleport

I am in love with this place and plan to hang out there a lot, so if you meet me there, drinks are on me.

On that note here’s one of the most famous Aussie songs ever ūüėÄ


Style credits:

Outfit 1-

Nora Jacket by Gaal
Luma shorts by Legendaire
Hair by DP Yumyum 
Wrist cuff by ~Ghee~
Backpack by Addams (Group Gift in store)

Camera – Vintage camera by Pixicat
Necklace (in all pictures) – Ginger necklace by On A Lark
Outfit 2

Bikini – Key West bikini by Faboo
Hair РGina by Exile (Gift in store)

Outfit 3

Lace top by Blueberry – (Store Gift…click for the MP link.)
Luma shorts by Legendaire

Outfit 4: 

‘Light my Fire’ jumpsuit by Entice
Hair – Jill by Exile



I’m a Highway Star!

Driving towards the airport in my shiny new Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, I decided to stop over at a Dunkin Donuts to grab a bite and write this fully loaded post.

It is getting late and with only a couple of hours to go, I would normally be worried about missing my flight. But with a car that has a 325 km/h (202 mph) top speed, getting there on time should be no problem!


I’ve recently been in the market hunting for a car to get around town. My friend Astoria, introduced to an amazing store called Vix Motors. Before I say anything else –¬†If you like cars, join their group NOW!! You can thank me later.


The Supercar I’m talking about is this one – Vix Motors – Gullardo Spyder.

It is an expensive, full-feature car that looks true to life and drives incredibly well.

Oh did I mention that you should “join their group NOW”? Yes, I scored this supercar for¬†FREE!! The incredibly generous creators put some of their Full-priced, full featured vehicles up on the Midnight Mania board!!! So you can end up cruising around in some of the best cars in SL by joining their group and visiting the store regularly.

It comes packed with a TON of cool features, passenger and parking options, custom made animations, graphics and handling options, bag/headlight covers, seat choices , etc. It includes a high-end media system,  and even a Damage/Collision feature.

Crash and burn? 

If you tend to get Fast and Furious on the road, be careful. The car comes with an optional¬†Damage/Collision feature – the¬†more you collide your car, you end up with broken glasses, smoke, sparkle…etc. and it will eventually burst into flames and destroy itself in a highly dramatic, realistic sequence! If you escape unhurt (well, it is SL) you can simply rez a fresh copy of your car. But it is worth crashing it just to watch that spectacular sequence! It will totally blow you away!

Check out the full list of features on the Marketplace,

I got the Lambo a few weeks ago...but here is the current one!!!


A Legendary car needs Legendaire-y style

Well, if I am going to be seen driving a car like that, I better be dressed well too. And I found the perfect outfit that matched with the car. I am wearing the AMAYA outfit – the latest group gift by one of my fave clothing stores, Legendaire! It comes in classic and 2 mesh body sizes, with boots, and 4 textures so you can change things up.


Photo Credits –


I teamed it up with the Tribal Jacquard boots which is also a group gift from Egoisme Milano. Egoisme has so many quality group gifts, they need a whole building!

…..Uh oh! I almost forgot, I have a plane to catch!! Until next time – Have fun, drive safe and stay gorgeous!



Outfit – Legendaire – Amaya (Group Gift)
Boots – Jacquard boots in Tribal – Egoisme Milano (Group gift)

Mesh head – Lulu bento head by Akeruka – This was an Anniversary group gift last week. Now 2999L.
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder – – Vix motors – “Guallardo Spyder”
Hair – Gianna by Alice Project -past gift

Necklace РCyoko necklace by Meva -past event gift

Sunglasses – by Kitja

Sim – Majestic Haven – Tiger D’alliez sim


I’ve finally gone Bento, baby!

The day I’ve always dreamed of is here! I never imagined I would ever afford to own a bento head without selling a kidney and some limbs! But I finally have one! ¬†*tears of joy*¬†

I’m talking about the new Lulu Bento head by Akeruka – that is a free gift to group members. Okay, the usually free group now costs 150L to join, but hey, you get a great quality Bento head with basic animations too! It comes with a talking animation, blinking and a few expressions. (You can find a Free starter expression kit on the marketplace – Here)¬†HEAD_011

This has to be one of the best steals I’ve picked up in SL! (considering other mesh heads cost 2500 L and up even for static ones, this was a no-brainer even for a hardened bargain hunter like me.)

This being my first bento head, I loved playing around with the sliders and creating my own shape. ¬†I picked up the Akeruka Omega relay kit for 50L that let me use my own skin. I thought I’d share a few pictures of what I managed to do with it.


***For want of time…and seeing as this is a limited time offer, the pics are raw and unedited…straight from my camera, with very low graphics.

HEAD_010HEAD_007HEAD_004The HEAD_003

The gift will only be available for a few days – I think until 21st June. So go scoop it up now!!

Here’s your Taxi to Akeruka¬†

Credits –¬†

Head – Lulu bento mesh head by Akeruka

Skin by Wow Skins

Hair (with hat) – Truth – Elira

Eyes – Ikon – Amor

Top – Laura by FurtaCor (Group gift)

Life is a Rollercoaster

I love treasure hunts. Me and a friend were shop-hopping looking for fun items to collect when she suggested we go on the Eggapalooza hunt on the Equus sim! So we jumped into our shiny new Pea Mobiles that we scooped up for Free at the Madpeas store and set out on our eggxpedition!



If you see a waterfall on one of the route, go inside. It is breathtaking. (Pic. by Astoria Orleans)

As we reached the vast sim with picturesque bridges and dreamy waterfalls, we spotted what looked like a very drunk Easter bunny who had collapsed and spilled dozens of colorful eggs from his basket all over the sim.

Each of these eggs had some pretty cool props, accessories and other fun¬†goodies absolutely free – A newbie’s dream! And they were pretty easy to find.

About halfway through the hunt we came across a pretty cool amusement park – and possibly the most amazing rollercoaster in all of SL.


This is a must-try¬†— definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The insane vertical drop, the dizzying twists, turns and 360-degree loops make for a simply exhilarating experience. I highly recommend using mouselook for the best experience.

The sim itself is beautiful, and if you don’t like driving, you can rez¬†a bike at the landing point and enjoy a leisurely ride through the hunt. Going with a friend makes it even more fun!

It is worth doing the full¬†hunt when you have some spare¬†time. It¬†is going to be¬†eggciting, eggstraordinary, eggxhilarating, egg….cetera! ūüėõ


Credits –

My super cool new gal pal – Astoria Orleans.

Sim – Equus – EGGAPALOOZA Spring Hunt

Vehicle in photo 1 – Pea Mobile by Madpeas – Free Group Gift


Flowers are a girl’s best friend…after diamonds…and puppies!

Spring has sprung and the weather is just perfect for a leisurely stroll in the garden with my canine companion. Like most girls, I love flowers. So I collected a bunch of them to place in a pretty vase near my window. But by the time we got home, my pet had turned them into pot pourri! *Sigh

19.jpgAnyway…this is the perfect season to add some flower power to your wardrobe. I’m wearing the pretty Cinthia dress by FurtaCor – and guess what? It is freee!¬†Yes, FurtaCor has¬†quite a few Amazing full fatpacks of dresses out as group gifts. Each comes with a LOT¬†of amazing textures, especially pretty floral ones such as the one I’m wearing.¬†And the group is free to join, but only until the end of this month!

So hurry and scoop these up, and your spring wardrobe will be pretty much complete!

Credits –
Dress – Cinthia dress by FurtaCor – Free Group gift – free join till end of the month.
Pose with Puppy basket + flowers by EniiPose – Past Free Group Gift
Hair – Nikki by Alice Project – Free MM gift
Bracelets – !IT! Echanted roses bracelets – Past event gift
Necklace – Chop Zuey – Candy Kisses – past hunt gift.
Location – Luane’s Magical World

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

As I was wandering through the deserted streets and alleys of Frimon Urbain, I looked around and saw abandoned trailers, graffiti covered walls, an old run down diner, and an abandoned gas station.

As I walked around,  I came across an alley that showed signs of life -literally. There was a young lady on the floor, completely wasted. I tried to revive her, and luckily she came to her senses, but was still dazed and hungover.


She recalled she had been partying with one of the local gangs last night, but when the gang members heard police cars approaching, they sped off. She was too drunk to move, and got left behind. O.o

She told me that the place is not safe and I should leave as soon as possible. She then hopped on the rare bus that arrived at the bus stop and went on her way. So I decided to follow suit and got out of there.

(..but not before I had picked up a few of the free pose gifts by ENII pose and Frimon Store planted around the sim.) ¬†ūüôā

Credits –
Top – Peace top by Hypnose – (Past GG now 10L on the MP.)
Jeans – Vintage jeans by Red Room -Past Free GG.
Hair – Nadia by Alice Project (Past advent gift)
Shoes – Kelika sneakers by Brii Underground Wear (Past hunt gift)
Sports Walkman by Ducknipple – Free on the MP
Location РFrimon Urbain

And the Oscar goes to…

I was honored to find out that¬†I had been nominated for an SL Academy Award this year for my performance in the movie, ‘Avatar -3’. After all these years, the Academy finally came to its senses and¬†gave me a¬†much-deserved nomination for Best Supporting SLactress!

Okay, so this was going to be one of the biggest days¬†of my second life. I was going to be among all the biggest, brightest stars in Hollywood! I had to look like a million bucks…more like a billion!

But I also knew that I’d be closely monitored by the fashion police!! Eek! One teny tiny little fashion faux pas, and BAM!…it’s straight to the Oscar Hall of Shame!

So I spent months hunting for the PERFECT Oscar gown until I finally found The ONE. I decided that I was going to wear Bella Moda to the Oscars this year!


Going for gold. In gold! Dolce Fiore by Bella Moda!

I picked out a lush, shimmering Dolce Fiore¬†gown in gold, and paired it with¬†beautiful gold peep-toe ¬†heels from Garbaggio. For my jewelry, I picked none other than my favorite designer, Lazuri¬†– I’m wearing¬†the Fantasia Valentine set!

With the ultra-glam gown and heavy accessories, I opted for subtle makeup from Alaskametro and a simple, elegant updo from Rezology  to complete my diva look.

It was amazing to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Hollywood on¬†the red carpet. The event was simply spectacular. And finally, it was time for the Best Supporting SLactress award.

“The Nominees are….
-Holly¬†Berry for¬†“Days of our Second Lives”
-Kate Windlight¬†for “To Love or¬†Derender”
-Nesca Fey for “Avatar – 3”
-Jennifer Firestorm for¬†“No¬†Linden, No Cry”
-Cameron DiLag¬† of “The Return of the Cache Collector”

“………And the award goes to…Nesca Fey for¬†“Avatar – 3”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so stunned, I almost crashed while walking up to the stage.

Luckily I had been rehearsing my Oscar speech for the last 10 years.

OSCAR! (6).png

Posing for the ‘paps’ with my shiny Oscar award. (I¬†think I kind¬†of resembled it too.)

All I could see was glamour, glitz, beautiful people and a sea of flashing cameras.

So I proudly struck a pose and flashed my shiny Oscar as the paparazzi clicked away.

Snapshot_016 - Copy.png

Major fangirl moment – Red Carpet Selfie with superstar, Robert Brownie Jr.


…another red carpet selfie. This time with my new celebrity BFF, the gorgeous and very talented actress,¬†Imma Stoned

What a night. This is going to be the most talked-about event for the rest of the year,¬†and the best day of my life…at least until my next Oscar win!

See you soon, dahlings! *air kisses*

What I’m wearing –¬† (Psst. it’s almost all free, go get it!)
Gown – Bella Moda – Dolce Fiore Gown – Group gift
Jewelry – Lazuri – Fantasia Valentine set – Free gift at Free Dove
Shoes – Garbaggio –¬†Annie Peeptoe heels – Past Hunt gift
LipGloss – Alaskametro – Glass lip gloss 04 – Free gift at Free Dove
Oscar award – Spumeology Studio Sculpty Shoppe –¬†Free on the MP
Hair – Rezology – Boon – Free gift at Free Dove
Robert brownie Jr. is wearing –
Ydea РEduardo outfit  РGroup Gift
Imma Stoned is wearing –
Legendaire –Inconditionally gown – Free gift at¬†The Free Dove
Hair – Fabia – Rima –¬†Free gift at¬†The Free Dove
Poses –
Pic 2 – Oscar pose – Included with the award
Pic 3 – Swirl poses – Couple Selfie – 1L$ on the MP
Pic 4 – Frimon Store – Friends pose with selfie stick – Group Gift
Sim – Origen’s Hollywood studio and ballroom; Origen’s Chinese Theater (Pic 2)
Disclaimer: All names, characters, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. ūüėČ

Puppy Love!

Woohoo, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Bah, humbug!

This is how i celebrated last year…


Fey and bae!


Here’s how I thought I’d be celebrating this year….



…’s how I really ended up ‘celebrating’ V-Day….

Let me play you a love song.... - FABFREE PHOTO CONTEST.png

Singing the V-day ‘blues’….

…just me and my guitar…playing love songs to loved-up strangers. All the time, I was thinking of him and how he cheated on me with some noob. Bah!

Then I¬†figured, since my love life had pretty much gone to the dogs……why not celebrate with the cutest dog I know?


Puppy love! ‚̧ ¬† ¬† ¬†–Starring- Hobbit, me and a yummy ice-cream sundae!!

Meet Hobbit, my one true love who never lets me down!  And what better way to celebrate than with my other true loveРice-cream?!!

So it is a happy Valentine’s Day after all! ūüôā


Credits –¬†

Pic 1.

He –

Shirt- Newclover РBlouson Jacket, Navy  (Free GG)

Hair – MP Dollarbie – Jec especial

She –

Top РEgoisme Milano РRolled neck sweater  (Free GG)

Hair – Alice Project – Angelique –¬† (Past free holiday gift)

Pic 2.


Leggings – Egoisme Milano – Pupa Leggings -Love (Free GG)
Top – Amiable – Sweater 1700 Members Group Gift – (Free)
Shoes – Etchaflesh -Tippy Sneaks – Tartie (Free MM board gift)
Hair – Mina Hair – Nell (Free Hairology gift)
Ring – Amiable Diamond ring (Free Cosmo Fair gift)

Shirt – Egoisme Milano – Rolled shirt -Fashion (Free GG)
Jeans – AppleMay Designs – (Free gift at Free Dove )
Glasses – Karacter – Executive Glasses l GIFT- (MP Dollarbie)
Hair – MP Dollarbie
Shoes – Gabriel – (Driving shoes – Free GG)
(Skin is also free gift)


Pic 3. 

Top – Boho blouse Hearts – YoKana (Free Lucky Board prize)
Hat – Riders’ club Straw hat – Free on the Marketplace
Jeans – Shae’s – Ripped Jeans
Earrings – Plastik – Bhajin earrings Rey
Necklace – Amiable – Loop tie (Free group gift)
Bracelet – Pixel Box – Thematic bracelet -Zodiac (Past free gift…not sure if it’s still available)
Ring – Amiable – Diamond ring (Free group gift).
Hair – Aura Design – Zauma – (Was 5L when I bought it)

Pic. 4. 

Top – EnvyMe – Mesh Owl Knotted T-shirt – (Hipster Fair Gift)
Shorts – Purplemoon – Tori Denim Shorts – (Free gift from Cherries on Top Hunt)
Shoes – Legendaire – Sia Sneakers (Free Group gift)
Hat – Ashmoot – Bow Cappy #02- (Free Group gift)
Pose with puppy and ice cream sundae – ENIIpose- Ice Licks – (Free Fashion Bloc event gift)
Necklace – Venus shoes – (Free Group gift)
Bracelet (L) – Pure Poison -Cool Bracelets – (Free Group gift)
Bracelet (R) – Pixel Box – Thematic bracelet – Zodiac- (Free Group gift)
Ring – Amiable – Diamond ring – (Free Cosmo 4th Anniversary gift)
Hair – Pr!tty – Brooke – Past hunt gift
Nails – Alaskametro – Rouge stars – (Free Dove hunt gift)
Nose ring – Angelle- Captive bead nose ring – (MP dollarbie)

Locations –

Pic 1 – Paramour

Pic 2 – Yorkshire Dales

Pic 3 – Outside Blackrose & Costarlos stores

Pic 4 – Shadowland

Go nuts in your free weenie pants!

Warning – Cheesy puns ahead, (of course). Read at your own risk. ūüėČ

I was on one of my regular deal-hunting sprees today and saw a notice that Faboo was having a 50% off clearance sale. Now anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is through the word “Sale”. So¬†I picked up my little Linden purse, and headed out to the store.

So while I was there, I headed to the group gift section..and… lo and behold! I found a marvelous pair of pants, the first of it’s kind I’ve seen…with hundreds of penises printed on it!! Yes, for women! (There is a pair for men too..ahem). For freeeeee!


The fabulous ‘Dickie pants’ by Faboo

So where was I?…Ah, yes, penises…penii..whatever you call them! All kinds of various¬†shapes, sizes and colors! (I’m pretty sure a few of those images belong to other species of the animal kingdom too).

Ironically, this pair of pants actually looks quite chic! It is sure to elicit a few cheeky giggles, once someone gets close enough to notice the print. But it does not look cheap or crass at all. Of course that depends to a large extent on how you style it.


I clicked the photos from these angles so you can see the print up close. 


I like these pants already. And they’re comfy too! Great for a day of casual SL randomness. Or pair¬†them with a dressy top for¬†a fun cocktail party!

It’s a group gift, ¬†but apparently works without a group join…so you can just scoot over to Faboo and scoop these up for L$0.¬†And there are a few other nice gifts too, including some great beachwear for guys and gals.

By the way, my top is an awesome fatpack gift you can pick up at Blueberry, which is an absolute-must-have for every wardrobe! And my insanely chic shades are a current GG from one of my favorite high-fashion stores, Legendaire. The sweater is a current GG from another of my fave casual clothing stores РN-Uno. My hair is a gift from the Freeball at Analog Dog.

These are all popular stores, but if you need LMs,¬†hit me up in-world anytime. (I will add links when I’m on next.)

Till next time, go grab all the free goodies, and have a ball enjoy!

(That’s all. I promise ūüėÄ )


Credits –¬†

Pants – Faboo – Dickie Pants – Free Group Gift

Top – Blueberry – Free gift

Shades – Legendaire – Queen Bee shades – Free Group Gift (Group join was free at the time)

Sweater – N-Uno, Lucky board prize (Group needed – 30L Join – totally worth it.)

Hair- ¬†Analog Dog – Damage Control – Freeball gift – you’ll find it on the beach.

Just another day at work!

It’s such lovely weather, I just want to stay inside my beachhouse and lounge around by the fireplace in my pjs watching Days of our SLives. But there’s work to be done. I am putting the finishing touches on a design for a grand mansion for a very affluent celebrity client.


Hmmm, this looks about right. What do you think of my design? Posh, no? I wish I¬†could stay there myself. Well…you never know…


The finishing touches on this door…and..done!

I must finish the design before tonight, so it can be built and furnished and ready to move in to in time for the Holidays!

Time to get back to work..see you soon. ūüôā



Location- Maran’s Landing

Mesh Head and skin/makeup – Genesis Labs Kenna (Group gift – 200L join fee, but there are several FREE mesh heads as gifts – so totally worth it!)

Top – Loordes of London – SL Retro top (Past Group Gift)

Cap – Argrace Flat Cap (Past event gift)

Bracelets – Pure Poison -Cool Bracelet and Pixel Box – Zodiac Bracelet (Both past free gifts. I think they are still available)

Earrings – Lazuri – Pearl Drop earring – Gift on MP

Jeans – Beautiful Dirty Rich – Group Gift