I’ve finally gone Bento, baby!

The day I’ve always dreamed of is here! I never imagined I would ever afford to own a bento head without selling a kidney and some limbs! But I finally have one!  *tears of joy* 

I’m talking about the new Lulu Bento head by Akeruka – that is a free gift to group members. Okay, the usually free group now costs 150L to join, but hey, you get a great quality Bento head with basic animations too! It comes with a talking animation, blinking and a few expressions. (You can find a Free starter expression kit on the marketplace – Here) HEAD_011

This has to be one of the best steals I’ve picked up in SL! (considering other mesh heads cost 2500 L and up even for static ones, this was a no-brainer even for a hardened bargain hunter like me.)

This being my first bento head, I loved playing around with the sliders and creating my own shape.  I picked up the Akeruka Omega relay kit for 50L that let me use my own skin. I thought I’d share a few pictures of what I managed to do with it.


***For want of time…and seeing as this is a limited time offer, the pics are raw and unedited…straight from my camera, with very low graphics.

HEAD_010HEAD_007HEAD_004The HEAD_003

The gift will only be available for a few days – I think until 21st June. So go scoop it up now!!

Here’s your Taxi to Akeruka 

Credits – 

Head – Lulu bento mesh head by Akeruka

Skin by Wow Skins

Hair (with hat) – Truth – Elira

Eyes – Ikon – Amor

Top – Laura by FurtaCor (Group gift)


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