I’m a Highway Star!

Driving towards the airport in my shiny new Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, I decided to stop over at a Dunkin Donuts to grab a bite and write this fully loaded post.

It is getting late and with only a couple of hours to go, I would normally be worried about missing my flight. But with a car that has a 325 km/h (202 mph) top speed, getting there on time should be no problem!


I’ve recently been in the market hunting for a car to get around town. My friend Astoria, introduced to an amazing store called Vix Motors. Before I say anything else – If you like cars, join their group NOW!! You can thank me later.


The Supercar I’m talking about is this one – Vix Motors – Gullardo Spyder.

It is an expensive, full-feature car that looks true to life and drives incredibly well.

Oh did I mention that you should “join their group NOW”? Yes, I scored this supercar for FREE!! The incredibly generous creators put some of their Full-priced, full featured vehicles up on the Midnight Mania board!!! So you can end up cruising around in some of the best cars in SL by joining their group and visiting the store regularly.

It comes packed with a TON of cool features, passenger and parking options, custom made animations, graphics and handling options, bag/headlight covers, seat choices , etc. It includes a high-end media system,  and even a Damage/Collision feature.

Crash and burn? 

If you tend to get Fast and Furious on the road, be careful. The car comes with an optional Damage/Collision feature – the more you collide your car, you end up with broken glasses, smoke, sparkle…etc. and it will eventually burst into flames and destroy itself in a highly dramatic, realistic sequence! If you escape unhurt (well, it is SL) you can simply rez a fresh copy of your car. But it is worth crashing it just to watch that spectacular sequence! It will totally blow you away!

Check out the full list of features on the Marketplace,

I got the Lambo a few weeks ago...but here is the current one!!!


A Legendary car needs Legendaire-y style

Well, if I am going to be seen driving a car like that, I better be dressed well too. And I found the perfect outfit that matched with the car. I am wearing the AMAYA outfit – the latest group gift by one of my fave clothing stores, Legendaire! It comes in classic and 2 mesh body sizes, with boots, and 4 textures so you can change things up.


Photo Credits – NessMarket.com


I teamed it up with the Tribal Jacquard boots which is also a group gift from Egoisme Milano. Egoisme has so many quality group gifts, they need a whole building!

…..Uh oh! I almost forgot, I have a plane to catch!! Until next time – Have fun, drive safe and stay gorgeous!



Outfit – Legendaire – Amaya (Group Gift)
Boots – Jacquard boots in Tribal – Egoisme Milano (Group gift)

Mesh head – Lulu bento head by Akeruka – This was an Anniversary group gift last week. Now 2999L.
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder – – Vix motors – “Guallardo Spyder”
Hair – Gianna by Alice Project -past gift

Necklace – Cyoko necklace by Meva -past event gift

Sunglasses – by Kitja

Sim – Majestic Haven – Tiger D’alliez sim



I’ve finally gone Bento, baby!

The day I’ve always dreamed of is here! I never imagined I would ever afford to own a bento head without selling a kidney and some limbs! But I finally have one!  *tears of joy* 

I’m talking about the new Lulu Bento head by Akeruka – that is a free gift to group members. Okay, the usually free group now costs 150L to join, but hey, you get a great quality Bento head with basic animations too! It comes with a talking animation, blinking and a few expressions. (You can find a Free starter expression kit on the marketplace – Here) HEAD_011

This has to be one of the best steals I’ve picked up in SL! (considering other mesh heads cost 2500 L and up even for static ones, this was a no-brainer even for a hardened bargain hunter like me.)

This being my first bento head, I loved playing around with the sliders and creating my own shape.  I picked up the Akeruka Omega relay kit for 50L that let me use my own skin. I thought I’d share a few pictures of what I managed to do with it.


***For want of time…and seeing as this is a limited time offer, the pics are raw and unedited…straight from my camera, with very low graphics.

HEAD_010HEAD_007HEAD_004The HEAD_003

The gift will only be available for a few days – I think until 21st June. So go scoop it up now!!

Here’s your Taxi to Akeruka 

Credits – 

Head – Lulu bento mesh head by Akeruka

Skin by Wow Skins

Hair (with hat) – Truth – Elira

Eyes – Ikon – Amor

Top – Laura by FurtaCor (Group gift)