Life is a Rollercoaster

I love treasure hunts. Me and a friend were shop-hopping looking for fun items to collect when she suggested we go on the Eggapalooza hunt on the Equus sim! So we jumped into our shiny new Pea Mobiles that we scooped up for Free at the Madpeas store and set out on our eggxpedition!



If you see a waterfall on one of the route, go inside. It is breathtaking. (Pic. by Astoria Orleans)

As we reached the vast sim with picturesque bridges and dreamy waterfalls, we spotted what looked like a very drunk Easter bunny who had collapsed and spilled dozens of colorful eggs from his basket all over the sim.

Each of these eggs had some pretty cool props, accessories and other fun goodies absolutely free – A newbie’s dream! And they were pretty easy to find.

About halfway through the hunt we came across a pretty cool amusement park – and possibly the most amazing rollercoaster in all of SL.


This is a must-try — definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The insane vertical drop, the dizzying twists, turns and 360-degree loops make for a simply exhilarating experience. I highly recommend using mouselook for the best experience.

The sim itself is beautiful, and if you don’t like driving, you can rez a bike at the landing point and enjoy a leisurely ride through the hunt. Going with a friend makes it even more fun!

It is worth doing the full hunt when you have some spare time. It is going to be eggciting, eggstraordinary, eggxhilarating, egg….cetera! 😛


Credits –

My super cool new gal pal – Astoria Orleans.

Sim – Equus – EGGAPALOOZA Spring Hunt

Vehicle in photo 1 – Pea Mobile by Madpeas – Free Group Gift



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