One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

As I was wandering through the deserted streets and alleys of Frimon Urbain, I looked around and saw abandoned trailers, graffiti covered walls, an old run down diner, and an abandoned gas station.

As I walked around,  I came across an alley that showed signs of life -literally. There was a young lady on the floor, completely wasted. I tried to revive her, and luckily she came to her senses, but was still dazed and hungover.


She recalled she had been partying with one of the local gangs last night, but when the gang members heard police cars approaching, they sped off. She was too drunk to move, and got left behind. O.o

She told me that the place is not safe and I should leave as soon as possible. She then hopped on the rare bus that arrived at the bus stop and went on her way. So I decided to follow suit and got out of there.

(..but not before I had picked up a few of the free pose gifts by ENII pose and Frimon Store planted around the sim.)  🙂

Credits –
Top – Peace top by Hypnose – (Past GG now 10L on the MP.)
Jeans – Vintage jeans by Red Room -Past Free GG.
Hair – Nadia by Alice Project (Past advent gift)
Shoes – Kelika sneakers by Brii Underground Wear (Past hunt gift)
Sports Walkman by Ducknipple – Free on the MP
Location – Frimon Urbain


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