Puppy Love!

Woohoo, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Bah, humbug!

This is how i celebrated last year…


Fey and bae!


Here’s how I thought I’d be celebrating this year….



…alas..here’s how I really ended up ‘celebrating’ V-Day….

Let me play you a love song.... - FABFREE PHOTO CONTEST.png

Singing the V-day ‘blues’….

…just me and my guitar…playing love songs to loved-up strangers. All the time, I was thinking of him and how he cheated on me with some noob. Bah!

Then I figured, since my love life had pretty much gone to the dogs……why not celebrate with the cutest dog I know?


Puppy love! ❤      –Starring- Hobbit, me and a yummy ice-cream sundae!!

Meet Hobbit, my one true love who never lets me down!  And what better way to celebrate than with my other true love– ice-cream?!!

So it is a happy Valentine’s Day after all! 🙂


Credits – 

Pic 1.

He –

Shirt- Newclover – Blouson Jacket, Navy  (Free GG)

Hair – MP Dollarbie – Jec especial

She –

Top – Egoisme Milano – Rolled neck sweater  (Free GG)

Hair – Alice Project – Angelique –  (Past free holiday gift)

Pic 2.


Leggings – Egoisme Milano – Pupa Leggings -Love (Free GG)
Top – Amiable – Sweater 1700 Members Group Gift – (Free)
Shoes – Etchaflesh -Tippy Sneaks – Tartie (Free MM board gift)
Hair – Mina Hair – Nell (Free Hairology gift)
Ring – Amiable Diamond ring (Free Cosmo Fair gift)

Shirt – Egoisme Milano – Rolled shirt -Fashion (Free GG)
Jeans – AppleMay Designs – (Free gift at Free Dove )
Glasses – Karacter – Executive Glasses l GIFT- (MP Dollarbie)
Hair – MP Dollarbie
Shoes – Gabriel – (Driving shoes – Free GG)
(Skin is also free gift)


Pic 3. 

Top – Boho blouse Hearts – YoKana (Free Lucky Board prize)
Hat – Riders’ club Straw hat – Free on the Marketplace
Jeans – Shae’s – Ripped Jeans
Earrings – Plastik – Bhajin earrings Rey
Necklace – Amiable – Loop tie (Free group gift)
Bracelet – Pixel Box – Thematic bracelet -Zodiac (Past free gift…not sure if it’s still available)
Ring – Amiable – Diamond ring (Free group gift).
Hair – Aura Design – Zauma – (Was 5L when I bought it)

Pic. 4. 

Top – EnvyMe – Mesh Owl Knotted T-shirt – (Hipster Fair Gift)
Shorts – Purplemoon – Tori Denim Shorts – (Free gift from Cherries on Top Hunt)
Shoes – Legendaire – Sia Sneakers (Free Group gift)
Hat – Ashmoot – Bow Cappy #02- (Free Group gift)
Pose with puppy and ice cream sundae – ENIIpose- Ice Licks – (Free Fashion Bloc event gift)
Necklace – Venus shoes – (Free Group gift)
Bracelet (L) – Pure Poison -Cool Bracelets – (Free Group gift)
Bracelet (R) – Pixel Box – Thematic bracelet – Zodiac- (Free Group gift)
Ring – Amiable – Diamond ring – (Free Cosmo 4th Anniversary gift)
Hair – Pr!tty – Brooke – Past hunt gift
Nails – Alaskametro – Rouge stars – (Free Dove hunt gift)
Nose ring – Angelle- Captive bead nose ring – (MP dollarbie)

Locations –

Pic 1 – Paramour

Pic 2 – Yorkshire Dales

Pic 3 – Outside Blackrose & Costarlos stores

Pic 4 – Shadowland


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