Go nuts in your free weenie pants!

Warning – Cheesy puns ahead, (of course). Read at your own risk. šŸ˜‰

I was on one of my regular deal-hunting sprees today and saw a notice that Faboo was having a 50% off clearance sale. Now anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is through the word “Sale”. SoĀ I picked up my little Linden purse, and headed out to the store.

So while I was there, I headed to the group gift section..and… lo and behold! I found a marvelous pair of pants, the first of it’s kind I’ve seen…with hundreds of penises printed on it!! Yes, for women! (There is a pair for men too..ahem). For freeeeee!


The fabulous ‘Dickie pants’ by Faboo

So where was I?…Ah, yes, penises…penii..whatever you call them! All kinds of them..in variousĀ shapes, sizes and colors! (I’m pretty sure a few of those images belong to other species of the animal kingdom too).

Ironically, this pair of pants actually looks quite chic! It is sure to elicit a few cheeky giggles, once someone gets close enough to notice the print.Ā But it does not lookĀ cheap or crass at all.Ā Of course that depends to a large extent on how you style it.


I clicked the photos from these angles so you can see the print up close.Ā 


I like these pants already. And they’re comfy too! Great for a day of casual SL randomness. Or pairĀ them with a dressy top forĀ a fun cocktail party!

It’s a group gift, Ā but apparently works without a group join…so you can just scoot over to Faboo and scoop these up for L$0.Ā And there are a few other nice gifts too, including some great beachwear for guys and gals.

By the way, my top is an awesome fatpack gift youĀ can pick up at Blueberry, which is an absolute-must-have for every wardrobe! And my insanely chic shades are a current GG from one of my favorite high-fashion stores, Legendaire. The sweater is a current GG from another of my fave casual clothing stores – N-Uno. My hair is a giftĀ from the Freeball at Analog Dog.

These are all popular stores, but if you need LMs,Ā hit me up in-world anytime. (I will add links when I’m on next.)

Till next time, go grab allĀ the free goodies, and have a ball enjoy!

(That’s all. I promise šŸ˜€ )


Credits –Ā 

Pants – Faboo – Dickie Pants – Free Group Gift

Top – Blueberry – Free gift

Shades – Legendaire – Queen Bee shades – Free Group Gift (Group join was free at the time)

Sweater – N-Uno, Lucky board prize (Group needed – 30L Join – totally worth it.)

Hair- Ā Analog Dog – Damage Control – Freeball gift – you’ll find it on the beach.


Just another day at work!

It’s such lovely weather, I just want to stay inside my beachhouse and lounge around by the fireplace in my pjs watching Days of our SLives. But there’s work to be done. I am putting the finishing touches on a design for a grand mansion for a very affluent celebrity client.


Hmmm, this looks about right. What do you think of my design? Posh, no? I wish IĀ could stay there myself. Well…you never know…


The finishing touches on this door…and..done!

IĀ must finish the design before tonight, so it can be built and furnished and ready to move in to in time for the Holidays!

Time to get back to work..see you soon. šŸ™‚



Location- Maran’s Landing

Mesh Head and skin/makeup – Genesis Labs Kenna (Group gift – 200L join fee, but there are several FREE mesh heads as gifts – so totally worth it!)

Top – Loordes of London – SL Retro top (Past Group Gift)

Cap – Argrace Flat Cap (Past event gift)

Bracelets – Pure Poison -Cool Bracelet and Pixel Box – Zodiac Bracelet (Both past free gifts. I think they are still available)

Earrings – Lazuri – Pearl Drop earring – Gift on MP

Jeans – Beautiful Dirty Rich – Group Gift