I came, I saw, I played a tune.

All work and no play makes Nesca a dull Fey! ……………..(Hey that rhymes!! */me applauds herself and takes a bow*)

I once took piano lessons when I first moved in to SL. The other day, while walking around town, I came across this grand auditorium. I decided to go in to ask if they offered music or dance lessons. It was afternoon, and there wasn’t anyone there.

But there was a huge ballroom with a band’s instruments set up on the stage, probably for a live performance later that evening. And it had a nice shiny grand piano.Seeing as there was no-one around, I decided to give it a shot and see if I still had my piano-playing skills.


I tried a few classics from the book there, and apparently it wasn’t so bad. I tried playing SLozart and SLeethoven. The result wasn’t so bad.


After a few minutes, a newbie walked in and we started talking. Soon another couple of guys walked in and complimented me on my piano skills. Before I knew it, there were quite a few people there. Mostly just wanderers – men, women, (even one flying monster – whose gender I’m not quite sure of). One couple even started dancing!

By this time I was enjoying myself!


That was fun! But soon it was close to evening and as there was going to be a band playing there –(I hope I didn’t damage anything)–, I decided it was time to leave . But I definitely plan to go Bach.


Credits –

  • Dress – Kefera – Brii Underground Wear – Pretty Little Liars Hunt gift
  • Hair – Little Bones – Chel (Gift)
  • Location – I forgot, but I will update this soon