It’s Throwback Thursday and I got me a new look!

I’ve been experimenting a little bit with my look lately. Especially my hair. I’m normally a brunette, and I love my straight/wavy dark hair.

But this was kind of a throwback to the good ol’ SL days, when I used to be blonde with curly hair.

I was a newbie looking for freebie hair on ‘XStreetSL’…before it became the SL ‘Marketplace’. I decided I’d like to be blonde, and I found some particularly shiny, bouncy hairs and thought they were cute. I wore them everywhere…especially a long curly one called “Alice” that I bought for L$ 45.

Okay get ready for a major ‘Blast from the Past’!

The guys used to love it, and I got a few compliments from the ladies too! I felt like Miss Virtual World!


*Blush* but who doesn’t look back on their SL past in embarrassment, right?

Here’s a some more cringeworthy throwback for y’all! 😀


I used to send this picture to beauty pageants! I wonder why I never had much luck as a model. 

See… blonde bombshell. The babiest babe of them all! Gah!

Wasn’t so bad for its time though..considering there were no meshy bits around then…except clothes. This was flexi hair and I loved the way it

So stying true to the blonde curly – here’s my updated look..

Drum roll please….!!!!!!

1 (3)

And without glasses….

1 (1)

My hair is from Analog Dog and it’s called Gemma. I love the detail on it and I’ve even been told I resemble Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City…which was flattering, but I’m not believing anyone this time. 😛

What do you think? I’d love to hear.

Well maybe a few years from now I’ll be laughing at this one too 😀