Leaving on a Jet ski!

Day 2 at Miami Beach, eager to flaunt my sexy new mesh body, I threw on a cool little bikini, some sun block and sunglasses, and decided to get on to a jet ski for some fast and furious fun. I rented this mean green machine, the Speed master TXA 5500.ew (3) It was my first time on one of these, so the start was a little..er..bumpy. I steered my jet ski straight into another rider’s and the impact flung her into the water….eeep! I tried to approach her to see if she was okay, but she told me to stay away, and even hurled a few colorful words at me…oopsie…But I was sure glad she was okay.

Moving along, I finally managed to get in control of the darn thing. then I decided to have some fun! I spotted a ski jump and decided to have a go.

The result was my jet ski lifting off nearly 50 feet in the air!!!ew (1)

Gasp….I held my breath and prayed for a soft landing…and luckily it was!! I decided I’m going to stick to stunt-less riding until I can perfect my skills. And I’m definitely wearing a life-jacket next time!!

Moral of the story – In water-sports and life – always use protection (a life-jacket… whatever else you’re thinking -yeah that too). Know when to stop. (I could’ve avoided that collision.) Take calculated risks, but don’t get cocky. Apart from all that, go crazy and enjoy the ride!!

Do you have any fun water sport stories to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

What I’m wearing –

Bikini – Rainbow colors by BaBey – I found this great store on the Marketplace that sells lovely detailed applier swim wear for 1L$ or 3L$, or sometimes $10. Great detail on the fabric and totally worth it.

Sunglasses – Brii- Elza (part of hunt item)

Jet ski -Speed master TXA 5500 -Miami beach – free to rent


Riding the waves!

Another day in Miami, soaking up the sun and working up a nice tan! Today I was in the mood for some action on the high seas! Water-sports, that is. 🙂

With so many options – windsurfing, jet skiing, surfing, floaties and even gliders – I was spoiled for choice. But since there was a particularly windy day, I decided it was a good idea to go windsurfing.


At one point it got so windy, and the waves were so fierce I almost toppled over! But I managed to control the sail and stay upright. (I really must invest in a life jacket!) The wind did mess up my hair though. but it was totally worth it!


I realized windsurfing can be quite a workout too! Phew.


What I’m wearing 

Bikini – Duncan by Brii Underground wear – past Hunt gift 1L

Windsurfer – Miami Beach -free to rent

Sunglasses – Ilka sunglasses by Brii – part of past hunt gift.

Hair – MaiOwn -Angel and D!va – Haruka


That’s the spirit! *hic

Okay so recently I’ve been spending all my time at the beach. I love Miami Beach in SL Florida. The other day, I was on the beach and it was really hot! When I returned to the shore after a dip in the cool seawater, the sun blazing upon me, I realized how very hot it was. I decided I needed a drink to cool off. Luckily the bar was close by. But there was a problem – there was no bartender! But I could see beautiful, inviting bottles of the finest alcohol appearing to coo my name! So that’s where I headed.

I couldn’t resist, so I opened the ice box and decided to grab a nice, cool, refreshing Corona beer! I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then hid behind the bar and enjoyed my drink. Still no one looking….so I grabbed another…then one more…then I started to feel tipsy. I could see a person approaching the bar, but by now I didn’t care.Picture1

I came out of my hiding spot and wobbled onto the counter top. And there in full public view I began to dance. People started looking, and I drew some attention from the guys, of course. I blew kisses, called them over to the bar, handed them some free drinks, and I think I even fell over once, but got back up. But I felt like a star entertaining her audience. ……O.oSnapshot_023

Soon, the man approaching the bar drew closer. As I leaned in for a closer look, I think I tripped on a glass..I plopped over again, this time straight into his strong arms. He set me back onto the table and told me to be careful. Then he got to work setting up the bar….he was the Bartender!


I continued to dance, and noticed him watching me from the corner of his eye. He was enjoying himself. I clearly, unintentionally put on a show for people, which was drawing more people to the bar, so he surely didn’t mind. Things went on..and I got offered more beers too.

At one point I offered him a drink too! But he politely reminded me he wasn’t allowed to drink on duty. After his shift ended, he picked me off the counter and set me on a chair. We had a beautiful conversation… I think.

All I remember is that his name was Jon and he was gorgeous, with fiery red hair.We exchanged numbers and promised to meet again. “Same time, same place, drinks on me” he said.

*Disclaimer: I encourage alcoholism and disorderly behavior in SL only. NOT in RL.*


What I’m wearing:

Swimsuit – Glam Dreams – Group gift

Hair – MaiOwn Angel

Sunglasses – Brii Ilka Aviator sunglasses

Location – Miami Beach

Sun, sand and sea!! It’s summer!

Wow, I’m back to blogging after a what seems like Forever! But it’s summer, my favorite season, and this summer is so HOT I had to come right back here to spread some hotness!

What better way to beat the heat than to hit the water, right? So that’s exactly what I did. I’ve been on vacation on a beautiful island recently with my boyfriend. So one morning it just seemed like a good day for a deep sea adventure. I work up at dawn, my man still in bed, and decided to throw on a swimsuit and simply dive into the sea off the island! And the most amazing underwater adventure began. The clear blue water suddenly opened up a colorful world of coral and plankton and all kinds of colorful sea creatures. I spotted some seahorses too!

Snapshot_013 - Copy - Copy

Swimming at the bottom of the sea I suddenly saw some interesting stone formations that looked like ruins. They just drew me close somehow, and I saw they were ruins of an ancient Greek temple, with sculptures and arches still standing. It seemed to come alive for a moment. Just as I continued to explore, amidst the schools of colorful fish and coral, I sensed danger. Suddenly, out of nowhere – a S…Sh…Shark!!!!


I was so scared,I didn’t know whether to swim or stay still – I could never out-swim it. But I managed to find a spot behind a rock, and hid in it. As the shark swam past, I was relieved -until I peeked out and saw 4 more circling me! It’s like the first one invited its family to lunch! My adventure started to feel like a nightmare as one shark headed toward me. I started to feel faint.

But then something amazing happened – he swam away. And the others didn’t attack either. They just went about with their business, oblivious to this tasty looking creature. They were friendly sharks lol. I decided it was safe and continued to explore but caution to not disturb them. Phew.

I saw jellyfish and stingrays too but they all seemed friendly. Finally I decided to head back out to the surface for breath. But swimming alongside me was this giant turtle who escorted me to the surface like a true gentle-turtle! (We even had a little swimming race…I won… but I think he let me win…and I was actually fast because I really needed air!!


Gasp! I finally caught my breath, my heart still pounding, and decided to head back to land where my partner had woken up and was waiting for me with a big steaming cup of coffee and a hot breakfast. “Where have you been? I was worried.” he said. I gave him a huge kiss, still drenched, and replied,”Not far, baby, I just went for a little swim.” 😉


What I’m wearing:

Bikini – Sky~ – Kini – Past Group gift. I wonder if the store is still open. I love it but can’t find it anymore 😦

Skin – Wow Skins – Stella  – Past Group gift

Hands & Feet – Slink

Sim – Maran’s Landing