International Yoga Day! June 21!

Yoga at sunrise! International Yoga day

I recently started taking yoga lessons since I read it is one of the most ancient forms of exercise, but a great way to stay fit and relax!

I’ve been going crazy with all the junk food and wine recently and I needed to get in shape for the upcoming Miss Virtual World competition. Since I’ll be competing with some of the most beautiful women in the virtual world, it is very stressful and a lot of hard work. So I think yoga will help me shed all those extra pounds and relax my mind as well!

I found a beautiful, serene spot near a pond with a little waterfall at Maran’s Island and decided to head there at dawn for a nice peaceful session of Yoga! It was so peaceful with only the sound of the water flowing, the trees swaying in the breeze and the birds chirping.

Some of the ‘asanas’ or yoga exercises are real tongue twisters!  The one in the title pic is the Veerabhadrasana or Bow and arrow asana.

I started off with the easy ones….

Yoga at sunrise! International Yoga Day!

…before progressing to the more challenging asanas

Yoga by the pond.

Dawn workout!

Some rather acrobatic ones like th ‘scorpion’

International Yoga Day!

…and even some downright gravity defying ones!

Bridge-asana! :D

This one is ‘Hanumanasana’ named after a Hindu god. I decided to challenge myself as you can see in the photo! It took loads of lower body just to avoid falling into the water. At the end of it I actually did fall in..but enjoyed cooling off with that dip! lol

Being able to pull off all those difficult Asanas, I think I’m quite fit and ready to take on the competition!


Sunday with the Avengers!

It’s the weekend! I decided to head to the Apollo theater to watch the latest Avengers movie. Yes, I love superheroes! Iron man has always been one of my biggest crushes! 🙂


So I reached the theater and it was a full house, as expected. The refreshment stand was going to get super crowded, so I decided to quickly grab some popcorn and a coke!

Snapshotmovee_014 Snapshotmovee_019

Then it was time for the movie! Yay! I was so excited after hearing all the great reviews! I knew Iron Man would make me proud again! LOL!

I was so engrossed in the movie, I could actually feel like I was in it! All the mixed emotions. I was jumping out of my seat and cheering, sometimes laughing out loud, going “aawww” when some parts made were scary and some made me sad, and the next moment I was back to cheering lol! People around me thought I was crazy!Sunday at the Movies!

I did talk to that cute guy sitting in the next seat btw! Turns out he’s a superhero fan too, but his favorite is Black Widow, of course…hehe. We are going to watch another movie together next week! 😛

You’re welcome to join in too!! 🙂