Welcome to my world

Snapshotd_007 - Copy

So I have finally done it! My new blog is here!

Here I will post about the things I love in SL. I am on my “RL in SL World Tour“, where I travel to a new city every day (for free) in SL. Not to mention my endless shopping sprees and that I’m always on the lookout for a good bargain, and even better–good freebies!! I will share some of the good stuff I find so you can go grab it too!

I am also fine-tuning my dance moves so look out for my  “Shakin’ It…” posts.

And I will also write about the interesting people I meet in SL (If you’re ever mean to me, I might write a song about you too -Taylor Swift style 😀 )

I would love to hear from you– your thoughts, recommendations on good places to see or fun things to do in SL. Or just send some me some love and I will send some back too!! 🙂